Author Plungers Keith Guernsey and Joseph Lewis in the News!

Brain Surgery and Crime in the News

News you can use about past and future authors in the Northern Lights Books Author Interview Plunge series.

Keith GuernseyKeith Guernsey
Keith Guernsey, who provided us with Keith Guernsey – Overcoming Adversity through Love and Sports, writes about Coming Back Strong! on VoxLit, The Voice of Literature.

Keith goes into detail about discovering he had a brain tumor, how the love of his life helped him through it, how having an honest doctor helped him make tough decisions, … It’s a must read, as are Keith’s books.

Here’s to hoping Keith reaches his goal (you’ll have to read his VoxLit piece to learn what it is).

Joseph LewisJoseph Lewis
Coming 8 Aug 2018 mystery and crime author Joseph Lewis takes our Author Plunge.

Joseph’s also made some news with the release of his latest book, CAUGHT IN A WEB, which premiered on Amazon about a week back. You can catch reviews and a trailer for Joseph Lewis’ latest, CAUGHT IN A WEB, and you’ll also find it available for purchase (along with Joseph’s other books and Keith’s as well) on this page.

Again, big congrats to Author Interview Plungers Keith Guernsey and Joseph Lewis!


May 2018 Author Interview Plunge Schedule

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Keith Guernsey – Overcoming Adversity through Love and Sports

Keith Guernsey on overcoming brain surgery, falling in love and writing the book of your life


Keith Guernsey took the Plunge and he’s doing good deeds: From now until the end of March, Keith will be donating $1.00 for every copy of Confessions of a Beantown Sports Junkie ordered to the Jimmy Fund. Let’s support this very worthy cause!

Keith GuernseyHello all and welcome to our fourth Author Interview Plunge. Today’s guest is Keith Guernsey. Everyone, please stand up and give Keith a big round of applause for taking part in our exciting adventure.
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