Want to be interviewed (by me)?

You oughtta be in pictures…well, here’s your chance

I’m toying with the idea of doing currently scheduling 30m video author interviews. I’ll start publishing them here in Jan 2018. My goal is to cover the entire writing/authoring spectrum: all genres, all forms, all topics.

My desire is for the interviews to be free ranging. I want them to be a give and take, not one sided wherein I ask and the other person answers. I’m looking for an exchange of ideas, anecdotes, experiences good and bad, learnings, methods, … I’m looking for constructive, productive, interesting and rewarding sessions that help other authors improve their craft, meet their goals, learn, grow and laugh. If you remember Steve Allen’s “Meeting of Minds” or Wim Kayzer’s “A Glorious Accident” you get the idea.

What I don’t want is blatant self-promotion, negativity, flaming, arrogance, egotism, vanity (yes, anybody who’s an author has got to have enough ego and vanity to believe they have something to offer that nobody else has, I get that). Definitely reference your own work to make a point (and I’ll be showing your publications on my site) but if yours is the only work you reference, I may decide not to publish the interview.

I’ll also enjoy and entertain controversy; Where is the industry heading? Do you like where it’s heading? What might you change? How would you change it? We may debate the merits of a particular book on a storytelling/storycrafting level but not a particular author on a personal level.

This would also be a forum for sharing warnings and danger signs in the industry (definitely a help/guide to those starting out and again, flaming won’t be tolerated).

What I require from you

  1. A one paragraph bio
  2. A list of your publications (2-3 will do. Make them your favorites, and they must be published/publicly available, not works in progress although we can definitely talk about works in progress during the interview)
  3. Links to your website/Facebook page/Amazon author’s page/twitter/Patreon/…
  4. 3-5 single spaced pages/poems of (a) current work(s) in progress (something you’re proud of, something that you think needs some work, doesn’t matter)
  5. A headshot or something similar (not a bookcover).

I’ll be promoting the interview via my various social feeds 1 week before publication, 1 day before publication, at publication, one day after publication and one week after publication.
You’ll have to do the same. It’s a ground rule, a social contract between me and thee for my doing this.

I use the Zoom platform for recording.
We’ll meet online via Zoom at least one day prior to recording, probably for 5-10m, to make sure everything’s working, get comfortable with each other, make sure we want to move forward, do sound and video checks, et cetera.
We’ll record the session at a scheduled time although the interview may not go live for several weeks. I’m shooting for 30m long videos although we may record for longer if we’re having fun, really onto something, whatever.

Message me directly via Goodreads/Facebook/LinkedIn or here if you’re interested. Please feel free to share this hither and yon.