William Noble’s “Make That Scene”

Helpful, Informative and packed with ...

Although not a Writers’ Digest book (my edition is published by Erikson), it reads like one. Like all Writers’ Digest books, this is a good primer+ for writers on the road to authorhood. There were some definite takeaways, some things I stopped to consider (I’m happy when a book makes me think. It means it’s teaching and I’m learning). Noble does a good job with examples (it seems all these Writers’ Digest type books pull from the same sources for examples).
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Author Plunger Tobor Eichmann/Steve Evans’ “The Fine Art of Internet Troll Slaying” now on Amazon

No troll is safe with The Mighty Tobes on the job!

Dashing, Roguish International Bon Vivant, Internet Troll Hunter and Young World Purveyor Steve EvansTobor Eichmann aka Steve Evans took our Author Plunge back in Feb 2018.

Lucky readers, he’s just released a revised version of The Fine Art of Internet Troll Slaying

The Fine Art of Internet Troll Slaying: Your Handy Guide for Dealing with Internet Trolls and Online Bullies


Everyone has a right to his or her opinion. Unfortunately “unpopular” opinions are often squashed by online trolls and bullies. It is most often sparked by “aggressive cognitive dissonance”. This book serves as a handy guide for classifying and slaying those nasty trolls with grace and finesse.

Now’s your chance, folks! Get a copy or ten today!

And don’t forgot Tobor’s other books, The World of Adam Dunne.

Writers Groups – Critiquing Methods – Read ’em and Weep

You want readers familiar with your work, you don't want critiquers familiar with your work

I previously discussed The 20 Page Whack critiquing method. This time I’ll focus on a critiquing method wherein one person reads a piece and then others, who haven’t read it previously nor read along as it’s being read, critique it.

Finding a critique group that’s good for you is based on one question:

What is your goal/reason for being in a critique’ group?

I answered this question as it pertains to myself in Writers’ Groups – Introduction and The 20 Page Whack; improve my storytelling and storycrafting/increase my skill levels/learn my craft.

As mentioned previously, I’m discussing critiquing groups that meet monthly and of course, I’m discussing methodologies I’ve experienced.

Someone reads a piece and people critique it after it’s read. Nobody sees the material before it’s read.
Strong suggestion up front; Attend a few of these meetings before you read your work to them.
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