Heather LeRoss – Tipsy Tiaras and First Person Imperfect

She's Pretty But Will Deny She's Perfect...Maybe

Pretty and Close to Perfect Healther LeRoss
Hello all and welcome to our continuing series of author interviews.

Today’s guest is pretty and working towards perfection Heather LeRoss. Heather writes about juggling being a mom, wife, human being, superhero and daughter and does so combining humor, self-awareness, compassion and empathy, so she’s juggling quite a bit no matter how you look at it. I’d like everyone to stand up and give Heather LeRoss a big round of applause for taking part in our exciting adventure.

We need come at everything with kindness. I believe in the power of a good old fashioned phone call, of sharing a cup of coffee.

Heather LeRoss’ Bio
Heather’s an imperfect human trying to raise perfect humans. She’s mom to 2 boys of her own and a step-son. She lives in the gross world of boys who argue about using soap in the shower and ensure the dog always has fun stuff to lick in the bathroom.
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Giacomo ‘Jim’ Giammatteo – Walking Wild Boars and Best Friends

You need inspiration? Good, because you're not going to find an excuse.

Giacomo 'Jim' GiammatteoHello all and welcome to our continuing series of author interviews. Today’s guest, Giacomo “Jim” Giammatteo, holds the record (as of May 2018) for the most books published in a year.

Care to take a guess how many? I’ll tell you now they wouldn’t all fit in a breadbox. Maybe a bread carton and probably a bread truck.

Thirty-seven (37)!

Perhaps one of those books deals with writer’s cramp?
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Author Plungers Keith Guernsey and Joseph Lewis in the News!

Brain Surgery and Crime in the News

News you can use about past and future authors in the Northern Lights Books Author Interview Plunge series.

Keith GuernseyKeith Guernsey
Keith Guernsey, who provided us with Keith Guernsey – Overcoming Adversity through Love and Sports, writes about Coming Back Strong! on VoxLit, The Voice of Literature.

Keith goes into detail about discovering he had a brain tumor, how the love of his life helped him through it, how having an honest doctor helped him make tough decisions, … It’s a must read, as are Keith’s books.

Here’s to hoping Keith reaches his goal (you’ll have to read his VoxLit piece to learn what it is).

Joseph LewisJoseph Lewis
Coming 8 Aug 2018 mystery and crime author Joseph Lewis takes our Author Plunge.

Joseph’s also made some news with the release of his latest book, CAUGHT IN A WEB, which premiered on Amazon about a week back. You can catch reviews and a trailer for Joseph Lewis’ latest, CAUGHT IN A WEB, and you’ll also find it available for purchase (along with Joseph’s other books and Keith’s as well) on this page.

Again, big congrats to Author Interview Plungers Keith Guernsey and Joseph Lewis!