Sci-Fi Author and Future Author Plunger Fabrice Rigaux’s HUMAN STARPILOTS now on Amazon

An adventure of going beyond one's limits

Terrorism through History Author John BeyerSci-Fi author and future Author Plunger Fabrice Rigaux’s first book, HUMAN STARPILOTS, is now available on Amazon.

The Blurb on Amazon
In 2130, Earth ecology is failing fast. Its inhabitants are dying and the governments are hard pressed to contain the disaster. So when an Alien Federation suddenly contacts Earth and offers assistance, everyone jumps on it. There are further surprises: those aliens prove, once their DNA analysed, to be distant cousin from us.
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Toby Weston – Regarding the Future of Singular Children

Is it possible to change our futures without changing ourselves?

Author and Artist Toby WestonHello all and welcome to the seventh in our series of Author Interview Plunges. Today’s guest is science fiction author and talented artist Toby Weston. Toby’s current titles include SINGLUARITY’S CHILDREN VOLUME I – DENIAL and VOLUME II – DISRUPTION (you can read an excerpt beneath the interview). Everyone, please stand up and give Toby a big round of applause.

Science fiction was my first love

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Joseph Carrabis – It’s Autobiography…I swear!

Quite the Life (and all in Times New Roman 10pt!)

Regency and SciFi Author Wendy Van CampHello all and welcome to our first February Author Interview Plunge. Today we’ll be talking with…umm…me! I finally get my go at this with Jennifer “The Editress” Day at the helm! Feel free to give me (and Jennifer) a big round of applause for taking part in our exciting adventure.

I’m boring and dull

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