Empty Sky Chapter 2 – The Moon’s Children

The Oneiroi

Jamie, delicate and flaxen-haired, slept with Shem, his muzzle whitened with the years, beside him. Both lay quietly, resting between dreams.

The Moon, her light walking through the Upper Peninsula forests on white-slippered feet, lifted her arm to better see.

Tom slept opposite Jamie and Shem, on the far side of the cabin. He’d twitch, kick off his covers, grow chill and pull them up, repeating the pattern while she watched.

Her children, the Oneiroi, little black silhouettes, shadows in the darkness of night, came and went, opening and closing their multicolored, multifaceted, crystalline eyes, kaleidoscopic Gates, little rainbow bridges allowing humans passage from one dream reality to the next.

A void, difficult to see and unheard, an emptiness in the night, formed in the darkness beside Tom’s bed.

The Moon held herself motionless in the sky, her light growing from crescent to full.

“Wake up, Jamie,” beamed the Moon. “Wake up, Shem! Wake! Your father’s in danger.”

The void touched some Oneiroi. Their silhouettes crumpled like wadded paper, their life drained from them.

Shem stared at the void and growled.

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