Sci-Fi Author and Future Author Plunger Fabrice Rigaux’s HUMAN STARPILOTS now on Amazon

An adventure of going beyond one’s limits

Terrorism through History Author John BeyerSci-Fi author and future Author Plunger Fabrice Rigaux’s first book, HUMAN STARPILOTS, is now available on Amazon.

The Blurb on Amazon
In 2130, Earth ecology is failing fast. Its inhabitants are dying and the governments are hard pressed to contain the disaster. So when an Alien Federation suddenly contacts Earth and offers assistance, everyone jumps on it. There are further surprises: those aliens prove, once their DNA analysed, to be distant cousin from us.

Fabrice Rigaux's Human Starpilots now on Amazon

The Federation will provide to Earth advanced technology and support against the climate change with a single condition: To trade among stars, they need pilots capable of managing hyperspace jumps and only rare humans have what it takes to survive the training and become one. To receive support, Earth has to find and provide starpilots to take its share of the load.

After a careful selection, six are chosen to fly to the far away planet Adheek. There, they will try to learn their new trade. If they fail, Earth will collapse. If they succeed, it may have a chance. But no one has prepared them to what they will face to gain that chance.

This debut novel was inspired by the classic “Have space suit, will travel” from R Heinlein and by the science-fiction work from LE Modesitt. It is a tale of adventure in a far land, of going beyond one’s own limits.

Congrats to Fabrice Rigaux for becoming a published Author! Watch for Fabrice’s Author Plunge some time in summer 2018.

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